We've gotten pretty darn good at cleaning, sorting and pairing massage stones... been doing it since 2005 ;-)  You'll be quite happy!

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What we Offer

Certified Basalt Stone

Basalt Stone is excellent at retaining heat and then releasing it slowly it your muscles as you use them for massage.  This is why we choose to use basalt stone (and we've certified our source). No other alternatives perform as well. 

Clean & Usable Stone

We've partnered directly with the (legal) harvesters of basalt stone from the beaches of South America.  We bring the stones to our Arizona warehouse to clean, sort and pair each stone by hand.  This means fully-usable stones and promise to make things right if ever receive something that didn't hit the mark (after all... we are doing it by hand ;-).

Free Online Training

We offer quality stone products *and* online videos to help you become a highly skilled stone massage therapist.   These are great for at-home users or professional therapists.  Details for access will be in your confirmation email.  

Nice to Meet you!

Small Family Business Since 2005

Hi, we're Chris and Morgan (husband & wife) and we own and run TIR Massage Stone. We're a small family business in Arizona. Since 2005 we've supplied massage stone sets to tens of thousands of people throughout the world. 

It means a lot to us that you are considering our products.  Please let us know of any questions you may have by contacting us.