About Us

Hello my name is Marco Ruiz. I am president and founder of The Black Pebble which has been providing beautiful beach pebbles to homes and backyards for the past 20 years. My vision is to share a piece of my home country of Peru with the world, a piece people can proudly keep in their homes forever.

When I first started I saw a market that had been saturated with low quality alternatives and industrially made knock offs. I saw customers being offered inflated prices that did not give them fair value in return. I saw an opportunity to do what was right and a calling to uphold the name of Peruvian Beach Pebbles.

To me, it’s personal. That’s why The Black Pebble is directly in charge of every step of the journey the pebbles make from the beach shores to resting in your hands.

I’m happy that so far our mission has been successful. We’re thankful our quality speaks for itself and never fails to impress. 

Now I invite you to find out for yourself.