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4 Large Back/Thigh Stones

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Stone Size: These stones range from 3.0 to 3.5 inches in diameter. Stone size is subjective but we select these stones to be used on larger areas of the body (thighs, back, etc). We've been doing this since 2005, so we've gotten pretty darn good at it :)

Stone Quality: Each stone goes through a proprietary treatment process and then sorted and paired by our expert team. This means you'll receive stones that are clean and the perfect smoothness without pits, cracks or unusable stones.

Natural Stone: We give you what natured intended them to be, beautiful stones with their own unique variation and character with perfect smoothness and heat retention.

Certified basalt: Basalt is the best type of stone for massage and this is what you get. This means each stone is guaranteed to hold the heat really well.